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  • Name: LED Power Repeater
  • NO.: SU-RC-39(LT-3060)
  • Add time: 2009-05-28
  • Light Source: CE&ROHS
  • Base Type:
  • Place of Origin:
  • Color:
  • Life:
  • Input Voltage:
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  • Views : 694
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LED power repeater is suitable for all of our single color & RGB controllers to expand power output, it supports PWM control and can connect one to three times more LEDs by adding one more power repeater, and unlimited power repeaters can be connected together theoretically.
The constant voltage power repeater and constant current power repeaters can be connected together, which is convenient for controlling LEDs with different voltage and power.
Product Parameter:
1) Input voltage: DC5V~DC24V
2) Max load current: 5A/CH×3
3) Max output power: 75W(5V) 180W(12V) 360W(24V)
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